Book Review: Beyond Words

beyond words
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Want to read some of the most cutting-edge writing from the newest generation of teen female poets, songwriters, novelists, and essayists in Los Angeles? Beyond Words: The Creative Voices of WriteGirl is a brilliant place to start.

Beyond Words is this year’s collection of writing from WriteGirl, founded by Like a Boss’s featured Changemaker, Keren Taylor. And it’s 300+ pages of powerful prose and poetry, like this little ditty by 16-year old Ashlee Polarek:

Rock Wall
I giggle and laugh
but is it a mask?
Sometimes I don’t know.

A fear of heights –
it takes all my might
to climb up this rock wall
we call life.

I look down below,
the people are so small.
I think of good memories,
I can’t forget them all.

My arms start to shake
but I want to go farther—
hand over hand,
higher and higher.

Cheers from below.
I hit the red buzzer,
I’m not in this alone,
I can go farther.

The writings, which also include some great pieces by the mentors who work with the teens, are broken down into sections like Random Outbursts (dealing with identity), All My Might (dealing with challenges), If You Want Your Heart Back (looking at love), and more.

And for budding writers who want more avenues to tap into their own creativity, Beyond Words features a bunch of writing experiments you can tackle yourself!

Like a Boss Rating: 5 Hearts

(Full disclosure: Like a Boss editor-in-chief Debbie Reber was a founding staff member of WriteGirl back in 2001 and used to help edit their anthologies.)

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