Book Review: A Little F’d Up (Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word)

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Thanks to Like a Boss special contributor Elle Wells for the following review:

Julie Zeilinger’s A Little F’d Up is an in-depth, witty guide to feminism in today’s world. Julie is a college student, blog owner, and young author. Her vibrant young tone gives this book a light feel and makes her words more powerful in a young reader’s eyes. As most young readers can attribute, reading an author who is near your age makes their words become more valuable in your eyes; you don’t view their opinion as the voice of adults, or in a mom-like manner. In this book, you view Julie’s message as if a friend was delivering it.

Julie also writes in an astoundingly comical manner. She writes as if talking to you directly, thus making her point more inspiring and easier to comprehend. Saying this I will add that A Little F’d Up is not an easy book to read by any means. It takes a alert mind to digest each paragraph she writes and the ability to deeply think about what she is saying. You have to pause and think to yourself about your beliefs in contrast with hers. When deciding to read A Little F’d Up, prepare either to read it in short dosages or to read parts from the table of contents that interest you directly.

Before reading A Little F’d Up, I would not have directly viewed myself as a feminist, and honestly speaking, I still do not view myself as a feminist. This book isn’t meant to convert you to feminism—rather, it is written to inform young girls about what feminism is and how it does deeply root into our daily lives as growing members of today’s society. I agree with Julie that girls should be aware of what feminism is, so that they can make an educated decision about whether or not to associate themselves as one.

Julie herself is an inspiration to young girls hoping to voice their own opinions about various problems in today’s society to a vast audience. Through Julie’s work with her blog and now her book, she has accomplished more than the average college student. Julie has inspired myself (and surely many other young girls) to pursue their dreams of being a published writer.

–Elle Wells

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