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It’s Back-to-School month at Like a Boss, so what better time to review a trusty tome about kicking butt in academics? We asked our trusty correspondent Julia Pak to review Lesley Schwartz’s Make The Grade and make some bookish observations!

This study guide is broken into four parts. I skimmed through the table of contents first to get a glimpse of the different subjects and immediately went to the organization section. Instantly, I got simple yet in-depth solutions on topics ranging from how to organize my notes and school supplies to removing extra clutter to keeping and saving computer files. After reading this chapter on organization and its benefits, I went back to the first chapter.

There are a vast amount of topics this guide goes over: the different types of teachers (the Stickler, the Idealist, the Realist, the Intellectual and the Motivational Speaker) and their habits, the benefits of extracurriculars and ways to stress less about tests and quizzes. The great thing about this guide is how it customizes most topics from different learning types to specific kinds of tests. It even provides you pages that you can write in to personalize your schedule and small quizzes to find out your individual study space and learning style!

Make the Grade provides effective and straight-to-the-point advice on school. With its real-life examples, anyone can relate to the similar problems and receive the solution to them very easily. School is approaching, and this guide will easily help and ease the stress of school—as well as prepare students for another hard school year.

Julia Pak

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