#BestoftheWeb: Ronda Rousey, Tu Youyou and Bindi Irwin

#BestoftheWeb: Ronda Rousey, Tu Youyou and Bindi Irwin
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Badass women alert!  “Epic” is the perfect four-letter word to describe this week’s A-List women.  They’re inspirational, they’re aspirational and they masterfully embrace who they are.  By tapping into their identity, strengths and vulnerabilities, their achievements have soared to new heights – well beyond their wildest dreams.

  1.  Ronda Rousey Takes On Gender Barriers In a Way No Woman Has Before – RYOT

Bringing female MMA fighters to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), becoming the first woman to cover Men’s Fitness magazine in Australia… these are just a few gender busting moves by Ronda Rousey.  She no longer allows UFC to announce her as the “Women’s Bantamweight Champion,” asking them to omit “Women’s.”  Sports Illustrated named her The World’s Most Dominant Athlete and UFC calls her a once in a lifetime fighter.  Watch the video to hear a bit of her journey as an athlete and keep your eyes peeled for her signature Judo move, the “Arm Bar.”  

Do you think she has what it takes to successfully defend her bantamweight title for the seventh time at UFC 193 vs. Holly Holm?


  1.  China’s Nobel Prize Winner Tu Youyou – SCMP

Tu Youyou is the first Chinese to receive the Nobel Prize in natural sciences.  She was commissioned by Mao to research and find a cure for Malaria in 1967.  As a member of a top-secret government unit called “Mission 523,” Tu pored over ancient books to find a historical method from Chinese Traditional Medicine.  She discovered artemisinin and bravely volunteer to be the first human recipient of the new drug after it showed promising results in mice and monkeys.  


  1.  Bindi Irwin Delivers Emotional Tribute to Dad on ‘DWTS’ – Today

Bindi Irwin is finally ready to tell the story of her “Crocodile Hunter” father Steve Irwin, nine years after his accidental death.  She chose to honor his life and vibrant spirit through a heart-felt contemporary dance as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.  You are going to want to see this!

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