#BestoftheWeb: Lakatriona Brunson, Sophina DeJesus and Kerry Washington

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Why settle for average when you can achieve so much more? Extraordinary success is based on setting extraordinary goals. In order to get somewhere, you have to envision it first. Our featured women know a thing or two about shattering the glass ceiling with their dreams. Their intuition told them ‘they can’ and they believed it! Check out their latest achievements and get ready to take your self-confidence up a few notches:

‘South Beach Tow’ Star Hired As First Female Head Football Coach in Florida – Miami Herald

“Miami Jackson High [School] made history Monday by announcing Lakatriona Brunson as the first female high school football head coach in Florida…. ‘She had all the attributes of being a great leader. I never envisioned her becoming a football coach, but I always knew she was a born leader and she was going to go on and do big things in the community.’”

Lakatriona Brunson portrays Bernice on ‘South Beach Tow’ (scripted series on TruTV) and she does whatever it takes to get her repo:

U.C.L.A. Gymnast Slips in Hip-Hop Moves, and the Online Crowd Goes Wild – The New York Times  

“[Sophina] DeJesus set aside those normally staid moments in between the tumbling to whip, nae nae, hit the quan and perform other hip-hop dance steps. The unexpected moves, combined with the enthusiastic reaction from the home fans and DeJesus’s teammates on Saturday, made the video a must watch for hundreds of thousands and brought an outpouring of positive comments on social media. ‘I love dancing,’ DeJesus said of her decision to try the unorthodox routine. ‘I wanted to end my senior year with a bang.’”

Sophina’s competitive performance has been swirling around the internet for days. Her 9.925 dance routine resonates more like a 10 to everyone captivated by her perfect hip hop moves and enthusiasm:

Kerry Washington Gives Motivational Advice for Girls: “You Are No Less Than Any Other Person” – InStyle

“’I would say anytime somebody makes you feel like less than a person, less human or less valuable because of your gender, your race, or your sexual orientation or any of that, it’s a lie,’ the 38-year-old actress notes. ‘You just have to remember that that’s the lie that comes from their own sense of disconnection and low self worth…. You are no less than any other person,’ Kerry Washington explains.”

Kerry frequently addresses women in interviews. She always finds a teachable moment and offers an inspirational word:

The Zika Virus and Brazilian Women’s Right to Choose – The New York Times

“The Zika epidemic has given Brazil a unique opportunity to look at inequality and reproductive rights, and to change how the country treats women…. In 2010, [Debora Diniz] conducted a national survey that found that by age 40, one in five Brazilian women had had at least one abortion. The overwhelming majority of these abortions were illegal and performed in unsafe conditions. According to Brazilian law, more than five million women should have spent time in prison…. In abortion, too, Brazil’s economic inequality is a factor:  Wealthy women can pay to secure safe abortions; most women can’t.”

Health care access and education are paramount for women. In the midst of the Zika virus outbreak, Brazilian women are experiencing a great deal of stress and fear:

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