Beating Bullying

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October is Bullying Awareness Month, and we’re excited to see so many teens joining national programs — and launching their own efforts — to  prevent mean behavior online and in real life. We recently blogged about the ingenious Boom Boom Cards, which pair random acts of kindness with combatting bullying.

Here’s another effort we’re excited about: Last night, MTV aired its new film, DISconnected, which “tells the story of four young people in living in different cities who know each other through a live streaming site…All of them are dealing with digital drama that complicates their loves, friendships and lives. One night, it all spins out of control.”

The movie is a part of MTV’s A Thin Line campaign against digital abuse. Teens visiting the campaign’s website can share their stories, post their anti-bullying actions, and even learn how to host their own screening of the film. Digital drama is such a huge part of the way that today’s teens are bullied — 17 percent of young people say they have been threatened of manipulated online or via text — and we’re glad to see MTV helping teens learn to defend themselves and protect one another.

You can watch DISconnected on MTV again on October 13 at 4 pm/ 3 C. In the meantime, watch the trailer here and tell us: What’s the best way to beat bullying and digital drama? What’s worked in your own life?

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