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Barefoot YogaAt Like A Boss Girls, whole wellness is just as important as thriving in your career or business.

The mental and emotional benefits of honoring what your body and mind need (be it sleep, stretching, a massage, exercise, or nixing alcohol for a while) actually makes you more joyful and effective at everything else in your life.

Instead of thinking of it as taking away from getting ish done, realize taking time for self-care is enabling you to either

A) get more ish done or
B) get better ish done.

That’s why we love the Barefoot Yoga Co. The founder of the yoga gear brand knows the incredible power of yoga to reach mental clarity, inner peace, and self-love, so she’s created yogi tools that help you achieve this peace. Now go forth and take the time to honor your body and mind!

barefoot yoga mats and propsbarefoot yoga yoga mats accesories

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