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We’re looking to feature the voices of amazing teens on Like a Boss. We want to hear about all the incredible projects you’re working on, organizations you’re creating, movements you’re championing, business ventures you’re starting, and more, in your own words.

We know that there’s no one better at inspiring other teen girls to pursue their big dreams than teens like you who do it every day. And that’s why we want your voice to be heard!

We also are interested in hearing your perspective on books, movies, and musicians that inspire you, people who’ve changed your life, and what it takes to be successful in pursuing goals big and small.

Here are some specific Writers’ Guidelines we’ve put together for you:

Contributors to Like a Boss can participate in a number of ways: Q&A interviews (both video and written), video blogs, and guest posts. Guest posts for Like a Boss should read like you’re addressing a friend, using a conversational, upbeat tone.

What we’re looking for in each section:

* Build Your Dream: Guest posts about your business ideas, entrepreneurship, and career goals

* Spark a Movement: Guest posts focusing on social change and activism, causes you love, activists who inspire you

* Make a Difference: Guest posts relating to volunteerism and making a difference, volunteer organizations you’re passionate about, and more

* Explore Your Best Self: Guest posts centered on mind/body/soul wellness, along with reviews of books, movies, TV shows, and bands who are making a difference through their messages

WANT TO SUBMIT? Here’s how:

Email us with the following and we’ll get back to you about next steps:

1. Your name

2. Your age

3. What section(s) you want to submit a guest post for

4. Your post idea(s)

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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