Are New Legos Sexist?

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Legos is rolling out a new collection of girl-focused products. With the soon-to-be launched Friends collection, kids can build a beauty shop, bakery and even a purple convertible. And this is making some people pretty mad.

New Moon Girls magazine publisher Nancy Gruver is one of them. She says the new sets play to “lowest-common denominator stereotypes.”

“Let’s ask Lego to expand their vision of girls and their interests in the next round of sets they design for girls,” she wrote in a recent blog.

We thought this was a provocative issue to raise with Like a Boss’s young female entrepreneurs: How do you feel about these new Legos? Is it good that Lego is trying to get girls interested in building products — or do these sets play to outdated stereotypes?

If you were an executive at the company, would you get behind the Friends collection or design something completely different for girls?

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