Amanda’s Corner: Back From She’s The First Summit

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amanda's cornerI had an awesome weekend that I can’t wait to tell you girls about! I had the honor of attending the second annual She’s the First Leadership Summit in New York City. She’s the First is a national non-profit that sponsors girls’ education in developing countries through creative fundraising efforts.

I transitioned from being the founder and president of a campus chapter at Bryn Mawr College to becoming a campus mentor for high school chapters. I couldn’t imagine myself not being involved with She’s the First after graduating, so I was excited to take on the new role and be a part of the summit.

It was definitely one of the most inspiring and motivating weekends of my life. The panelists, the people, the networking opportunities, the food, the fun—being a part of the She’s the First family is tremendous. And the best part is that anyone can get involved.

But here is one of my biggest takeaways from the weekend: I was reminded again and again that girls’ education is not a “girls issue”—it’s everybody’s issue. The majority of She’s the First chapters are helmed by and comprised of females. But we’re beginning to move toward a more balanced representation. This year, out of 42 campus leaders, we had a total of five males represented at the summit (four more than last year!), so it’s great that guys are starting to get it, too. One of the male chapter presidents said, “If you want a country to move forward, you need education for the masses. Without that, you’re not getting anywhere.”

I couldn’t have said that better myself.

So share this post with your brothers, your dads, your uncles, your guy friends, and anyone who will listen. We’re all in this fight for education together.

Are you interested in starting a She’s the First chapter at your school? Click here for more info.


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