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Amanda's Corner
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There are plenty of things in the world that irk me: take when people butt in line, for example, or don’t say “thank you.” But to counteract my cringing, I come across daily awesome actions and organizations that restore my faith in humanity and excite me for what’s to come. Here’s what has been on my radar lately:

Lifting Off for Social Good: What do you get when you combine Al Gore, an astronaut and a teen who has novel paper sensor that detects pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer in 5 minutes for as little as 3 cents? The Social Good Summit, that’s what! Held during UN Week and sponsored by Mashable, the Social Good Summit is a 3-day event held in New York City that is chock-full of awe-inspiring thought leaders and do-gooders. (I am especially excited to hear from Warby Parker Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Neil Blumenthal and Founder and Executive Director of the Malala Fund, Shiza Sahid.) Starting this Monday, the power of technology and new media is bringing the Social Good Summit to you (and me!), wherever you are by catching the livestream. Be prepared to be blown away.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.25.59 AMNot One-Size-Fits-All: Ever wanted to feel ravishing in a Prada gown but don’t have the cash to purchase one? Rent the Runway has your back. Since 2009, Rent the Runway has offered ladies across the country the opportunity to rent stylish designer gowns, dresses and even work outfits via an online service. But they only offered styles in size 12 and under—until now. This week, Rent the Runway launched its “Rent the Runway Plus” line. Now, it offers 40 new styles in sizes 14-22. This is a great step in the right direction for the fashion industry, which has always shunned larger sizes and pretended they did not exist, even though the average woman in the United States wears a size 14.

Rent the Runway Co-Founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman said, “Every woman deserves to feel beautiful before the most important occasions in her life. Until now, we have only been able to follow through on this undertaking for virtually half of the female population.” While I don’t think a dress is the magic-wand solution to a female feeling beautiful, as Hymen might suggest, I appreciate the company’s realization that this is not a one-size-fits-all world and am excited to see the new variety of designs. (Might make a cool option for homecoming or prom!)

Info-spiring: Lastly, I’ll let images speak louder than words. What an awesome infographic.

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