Amanda’s Corner: The Final Countdown

Amanda's Corner
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By the time Like a Boss hits “Publish” on this post, this “Mawrtyr” (i.e. Bryn Mawr student) will have eight days til graduation. Count ‘em—eight. The number of days on two hands. I never knew the full richness of bittersweet until the process of graduating from college began. These final months have been filled with cranking out a thesis, searching for a job and facing the unknown of life post-college, all the while spending as much time as possible with the dear friends who have made college an experience to never forget.

I don’t want this post to be sentimental, or clichéd. No tears here, or cringing. Instead, let’s be real. The final countdown starts now.

4.  College is stressful. Really stressful at times. I have somehow found my way out of college without joining the All-Nighters’ Club, but I have seen a few 4 AM flashings on my computer screen in my day. (Writer’s block is no fun, especially when you stare at a blank page for hours on end without writing anything productive.) But sometimes, all you need is a little splash of coffee and an impromptu dance party to make it through. And a half-hour long nap during the day, if you can fit one in.

3. Thank goodness for Facebook. It is a treat to look through my timeline and rediscover shared moments with college friends, anything from those impromptu dance parties to reveling in college traditions to taking selfies and being silly. Pause and forget for a moment that I said I wouldn’t be sentimental – but if Facebook doesn’t change drastically, my friends and I can dig into our time capsule and reconnect with Bryn Mawr when our daughters go there. (Just kidding … maybe.)

2. College is a time to try something new. The summer before I arrived at Bryn Mawr, I never would have thought that during my four years there, I would a.) become the Sports Editor of my college newspaper. b.) learn to belly dance. c.) travel across the United Kingdom and Europe during a semester abroad. d.) found a club on campus, a college chapter of the national non-profit She’s the First. e.) like coffee. I mean, love coffee.

1. I wonder what is beyond the castle walls of Bryn Mawr? It is soon time to find out. I just reread my “Letter to my Freshman Self” that I wrote for Like a Boss back in October.  I have appreciated the depth of discussions, the papers that I am proud of, and the critical thinking that has crossed my mind with every reading. I have appreciated cultivating a place for myself in this world, filled with entrepreneurial spirit, a go-getter attitude and words galore. I have appreciated what Bryn Mawr has to offer and what I have to offer to Bryn Mawr—and to the world.

Girl, it is time.

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