Amanda’s Corner: Sounds to Listen to While Studying

Amanda's Corner
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Ever felt like your study session needs a soundtrack? Sometimes I enjoy listening to music or sounds in the background while I type away—the clickety-clack of my keyboard alone is not enough to keep me focused and inspired during paper-writing sessions. Here are my top four favorite study accompaniments: grab a pair of headphones or listen out loud!

1.  Paint a picture (or a song) – The music put out by this female quartet from Los Angeles has a specific style – Pandora calls it “atmospheric art rock,” but I consider it trance-like, so whenever I listen to a Warpaint song, I have a laser-sharp focus while writing a paper or reading a scholarly article. Their voices are soft and soothing, so I don’t feel distracted while listening to songs like the eponymous “War Paint” or “Stars.”

2. Rock It Old School – Songs from my early teen years are my jam. When I’m struggling to get started, I turn to the “Late 90s/Early 2000s” station on Pandora—it has anything from Third Eye Blind and Weezer to Michelle Branch and the Goo Goo Dolls. Sure, these songs make me nostalgic, but they also get me pumped!

3. A Little White Noise – One morning, I woke up before my alarm to the unpleasantly loud roar of construction equipment outside of my dorm room. After mumbling and grumbling and attempting to assuage the monstrous sounds with a pair of earplugs (which didn’t work), I turned to YouTube for help. Sleep was no longer an option, but homework was—I just needed something to block out the construction work ringing in my ears. I searched for “White Noise” and discovered a plethora of videos that just played soft, muffled background noise. So thank you, “Fall Asleep Fast! 10 Hours of White Noise. Increase Focus, Soothe a Baby, Meditate” video—I may not have soothed a baby, but I did get my work done.

4. On Fire – I consider Alicia Keys’s new hit “This Girl is on Fire” to be the ultimate girl power jam. When you finish all of your homework, turn up the volume to this song. Time to celebrate you and all of your accomplishments!

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