Amanda’s Corner: School’s Out Forever

School's Out Forever
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amanda's cornerBack-to-school reminders are everywhere—flashy commercials for new clothes on the TV screen, photos of tidy  (for now) dorm rooms on social media, kids with backpacks taking over the sidewalks.

Guess that means it is about time for me to head back to school, too.

Oh. Wait…

For the first time in 17 (count ‘em, SEVENTEEN!) years, I will not be stepping into a school classroom. That thought is bittersweet. Though it’s exciting to be figuring out my career next steps, it’s also sad to not be learning in a classroom setting or hanging out with my friends on campus.

So this next month will be all about transition and coping for me. And I bet it will be for a lot of you, too. Whether you are moving to a new school, starting the adventure that is college or even just missing summer, you’re probably in transition mode, too.

But we can do it!  Here’s what I plan on doing to get through the transition blues:

Focus: Right now, I have a busy full-time internship to fill my days. I also have networking events, volunteer opportunities and a little column called Amanda’s Corner. All of these opportunities help me plow through the day and remind me of the amazing opportunities I have—and will have to come.

Meet new people: Your new city or new school has plenty of people who would love to be friends with you. Seriously. Put yourself out there and make the most of it. Introduce yourself. Lately, I’ve been spending time with the other interns at my workplace, and they’re all great. And hey, at the end of the day,  if your friends are not in the same place as you, there is always Skype!

Make time for yourself, too: I love to sit on my apartment balcony (when there isn’t a cloud of mosquitoes around…definitely made that mistake once) and reflect on all of my new experiences. Sometimes I write it out. But I always feel grateful for new beginnings and how all that schooling got me to where I am today.

Revel and plan: Throughout the day, random school memories pop into my head and make me smile. Sure, they make me miss my alma mater, and they make me miss my friends, but that doesn’t mean that my friends and I can’t plan a reunion this fall! We are psyched to get together around Halloween.

Whatever you are transitioning into, I know you’ll be great!

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