Amanda’s Corner: School’s Out for Summer…and Internships are In!

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Hey, Like a Boss go-getters!

So far, my summer has been filled with fun, sun, and soon…a lot of granola! Because of my interest in entrepreneurship, I am gearing up to start my summer internship at a granola company near my hometown.

The company, Nuts About Granola, has been selling flavors such as Plain Jane (peanut butter granola), Muddy Waffles (maple pecan granola with waffle bits), and Orange Creamsicle (orange-infused granola with white chocolate pieces) for four years and recently debuted the first-EVER boxed granola-making kit. Owner and founder Sarah Lanphier has been selling her granola at local indoor farmers’ markets and specialty stores and through online sales for the past four years since she graduated from college, and I admire her entrepreneurial spirit. (She is a true Like a Boss go-getter!)

As an intern for Nuts About Granola, I will be helping with various tasks around the office, running one of their indoor market stands, and learning about different aspects of the business. I am so excited to get started and learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur!

When searching for your own internships during college, keep the following in mind:

Consider aspirations and interests: At college, I am an English major with a creative writing concentration, so last summer, my internship was more traditionally related to my studies. I served as an editorial intern at my local newspaper, conducting interviews and honing my writing skills through articles that appeared in the paper multiple times per week. But this summer I wanted to try something new by applying my creativity in a different setting. We’ll see how it goes!

Consider funding: Is the internship paid or unpaid? Is it feasible to work an entire summer without earning monetary compensation? I have been fortunate to obtain compensation through both of my internships: last summer, my internship paid me directly to work for them, and this summer, I received summer funding through Bryn Mawr College.

Consider your schedule: What works best for you—part-time or full-time? Last summer, I worked 40 hours per week for 13 weeks, which was great because I was immersed in journalism the entire summer. My schedule is more relaxed and flexible this summer because my internship with Nuts About Granola is 30 hours per week for 8 weeks, which gives me time to study for the GRE and prepare for my senior thesis!

Now, the question is: how do I find an internship? I actually made a connection through my previous journalism internship because I interviewed Sarah Lanphier for an article about granola! It is amazing how networking can take us places. Other resources include the World Wide Web, your school’s career resource center and even classmates who have had cool internships in the past.

Good luck!



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