Amanda’s Corner: Ramp Up Your Resume With Levo Resume

Ramp Up
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amanda's cornerThere are a million apps out there for smartphones: games, social media, GPS. Oh, and did I mention games? My current fave is Words with Friends. My sole competitor is my grandmother—she plays on her iPad, and she sure kicks my butt!

I recently discovered a new app that I thought I’d share with all of you: Levo Resume. I use it for job applications. Here’s how it works: developed by the start-up Levo League (led by women, for women!), the app allows you to upload your resume, edit it from anywhere and share on the go. So if you’re at a resume-building workshop, you can tweak it as you please, without having to wait to run home and log on to your computer.

You can even connect your Levo profile to your LinkedIn profile to grab info from there. (To be a Levo League user, you have to be 18 and older, so unfortunately, those of you gearing up for college won’t be able to use the app. Which made me think of a great idea: wouldn’t it be great if it we had a resume-building app that could connect to the Common Application, too? Take that and run with it if you wish.) I love Levo Resume’s iterative nature: it creates multiple versions based on my different work experiences, I’m all for time-savers! Job hunting is basically a job in itself.

Who knows? Levo Resume could give you the edge you need at a networking event or job fair to carve out a new opportunity. I can’t wait to see where it will take me.

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