Amanda’s Corner: My Week with Victoria Justice!

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amanda's cornerHave you ever been in a crowd of 13,000 of your fellow teens and tweens? I can now say I have—and it was all for a great cause.

This week, I travelled to Pennsylvania and Ohio for two Victoria Justice concerts, and it wasn’t just because I am a fan (because I totally am). Victoria is a Girl Up champion, and Girl Up, the campaign of the United Nations Foundation for which I’m interning, has a booth at most of her concerts. I tagged along to help out.

I hadn’t been to a concert in a while (fun fact: My first concert ever was Britney Spears), so I forgot how awesome, fun and a little chaotic they can be. I got to see two very different crowds—Pennsylvania’s was at a county fair, with about 1,500 fans, and Ohio’s was much more massive (and loud!), with about 13,000 fans, many of whom were also there to see the boy band Big Time Rush. But there was no shortage of neon or glittery outfits at either one. You girls (and guys!) really know how to dress up!

While my co-worker, some Girl Up volunteers and I covered our meet-and-greet contest table (“Win a chance to meet Victoria Justice!”), I appreciated the questions people asked to learn more about Girl Up. They definitely got to learn more about our mission in the middle of Victoria’s set, when she played her music video entitled, “Girl Up,” which she wrote after a trip with Girl Up to Guatemala a few years ago. I love that she cares about girls everywhere being safe, healthy and counted in their communities—and that she encourages her fans to care, too!

So take a listen and be prepared to be inspired. (Be warned: you might wake up every morning singing it this week. This song is super catchy!)

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