Amanda’s Corner: I’m No Longer Feeling 22

Not a Lot
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amanda's cornerGone is that Taylor Swift song from my life—I am now 23 years old. I’m no longer feeling 22, and that is the first and last time I will ever sort of quote Taylor Swift. (Sorry, fans!)

Yesterday was my birthday, and I took time to reflect on what I have learned and gained from the past year. It has been full of transitions, discoveries and lots of love. Here are 23 of them:

1. Sharing a birthday with someone is the coolest thing ever. My twin brother and I spent Wednesday night counting down til midnight on Facebook chat and making each other laugh, per usual.

2. I now have 42 years to save for retirement. And I’ve learned it is never too early to start saving. Yikes.

3. The Like a Boss Holiday Guide is one of my favorite projects of the year to work on—or of all time. (Seriously.)

4. Growing my responsibilities on the Like a Boss team and becoming Special Projects Editor has been a true highlight of this year. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of an awesome community filled with entrepreneurial spirit and girls doing awesome things.

5. One of the hardest parts about graduating from college is going somewhere new that doesn’t necessarily include the tight-knit relationships you forged within the community. Thank goodness for email, social media and friends who get jobs in the same new city as you!

6. During college, I regretted not continuing math classes beyond high school, not continuing German beyond sophomore year (Sprechen Sie Deutsch?) and not taking any computer science classes at all. It’s the wave of the future!

7. I never knew that writing a senior thesis could be so fun, fascinating and fulfilling.

8. Not knowing what the future holds after graduation can be scary and exciting—and it all works out in one way or the other.

9. I wrote far more cover letters than I got interviews…whew. And I’m ok with that.

10. Intuition is real. When I was offered a job over the summer, I wrestled with whether to take it or not. But I listened to my gut. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made, but I’m confident that I made the right one.

11. It was a weird feeling for September to roll around and to not have to sit in a classroom for the first time in 17 years. Wait, what?

12. Sometimes I miss deep classroom discussions and working out of a library before heading to class. But not having homework in the evenings? Nothing beats that.

13. Working 9-5 is an adjustment, and I’m taking it in stride. I love it!

14. Another perk of the 9-5 life: traveling. I spent part of the summer traveling across the East Coast to various Victoria Justice concerts for an internship. Am I dreaming or what? If only I had gotten to meet her!

15. After traveling a lot this year, I’ve realized that adventure is the spice of life.

16. I discovered that fall is the best season for creative types—and reveled in it.

17. Making mistakes is bound to happen, in a work environment or elsewhere. Mistakes are actually kind of awesome—they show us how to learn and grow.

18. Waking up early and easing into the day makes me smile. I want to make an effort to do that more often.

19. Living in an apartment has also been an adjustment. I lived in one while studying abroad in Scotland two years ago, but it’s still different than dorm life. Pluses? Cooking for myself. Cons? Cooking for myself. Sometimes, I get home from work, and I’m too tired to cook! Takeout, please!

20. But oh yeah, there’s something called an internship salary. And living on a budget that doesn’t always support going out to eat or takeout a few nights in a row. There are frustrations that come with a tight budget, but I’ve found ways to stretch my dollar and have learned so much about responsible spending.

21. Graduating from college makes me want a dog. Must have something to do with that growing up thing, right? Must. Resist. The. Urge.

22. No matter where I live—whether it’s a dorm room, a foreign country or a new city—home is always the house I grew up in with my family. There really is no place like home.

23. Family has really helped me get through this year. Whether it’s my related fam, my college fam, my dear friends or my Like a Boss fam, I’ve never felt so supported. Thank you!

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