Amanda’s Corner: I Stand With Wendy

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Can you imagine talking about something for hours on end? No stopping allowed. Not even a pause. No food or water, either. And no going off-topic either. For me, filling even 20 minutes with talking points is a bit daunting (though definitely doable—thanks, college!) But one female politician filled her Tuesday this week with nonstop talking—for an admirable reason.

Texas state senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat representing Fort Worth, stood and spoke for 10 hours on the Texas State Senate floor. Her mission was to filibuster an abortion bill that would have banned most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. While she did not make it to the intended 13 hour-long filibuster during a special session, which could have jeopardized her efforts to prevent the bill from passing (during a filibuster, three strikes and you’re out—news reports say that she went off-topic twice and also paused while a colleague helped her to adjust a back brace), she showed immense strength, willpower and dedication to women’s rights. Along with pointing to previous rulings and enacted laws to support her filibuster, Davis read countless personal stories from women affected by abortion. What’s more, the bill did not pass, after all!

Oh, and her shoe of choice during the filibuster? Pink running shoes. Davis rocks for standing up (quite literally!) for women’s rights.

I consider Davis to be much in the spirit of the Like a Boss community—unafraid to speak her mind. On this site, we hope you feel open to voicing your opinions, whatever they may be. What’s on your mind?

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