Amanda’s Corner: Calling All Tweeps

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After the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, I became glued to Twitter.

In 140 words or less, each new tweet from the people, media and organizations I follow shed light on a new fact, a new image, a new emotion-filled proclamation by the second. My Twitter feed was an engaging combination of professional and citizen journalism, as well as an outpouring of sadness, heartbreak and hope.

Twitter is a powerful networking tool. During the chaos and uncertainty of the string of incidents in Boston, Twitter became a resourceful space for its users to connect and try to make sense of the circumstances. I was riveted.

Even before last week, I have found meaning in the Twitter-sphere. I first learned about Like a Boss via a retweet from a friend, and countless blog posts later, here I am. (Editor’s note: we’re so glad you did!) Don’t get me wrong—I do not have a huge social media following. In fact, most of my followers are probably spam. And I still can’t figure out how to reply to and quote another handle’s tweet at the same time from my computer … if that is even possible. But I do recognize that Twitter is a wonderful starting point of opportunity and solidarity.

 Twitter can take you places beyond that 140 word limit. Creating, sharing, and perpetuating meaningful connections can lead to a new friend, a new writing opportunity, even a new job. The sky’s the limit, so let that Twitter bird fly.

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