Amanda’s Corner: Getting Balmy with Blush Daisy

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amanda's cornerEvery so often on Like a Boss, I get to chat with up-and-coming girl entrepreneurs who are making a splash in their respective industries. This week, I chatted with Emma and Julia Wayne, co-founders of the makeup company Blush Daisy. Launched in June, Blush Daisy focuses currently on a fun line of lip balms and hopes to expand to other types of makeup products. Emma turned 11 in March, and sister Julia is 8, but I can tell that they are already smart entrepreneurs who plan to take Blush Daisy in awesome directions.

It all began when Emma started reading the ingredient lists on the back of makeup products. The long alphabet soup did not impress her—she learned about lead and other bad chemicals, so she and Julia started to make their own makeup.

“I got into natural things, and we came up with our own little company,” she shared.

Once they knew they wanted to focus on makeup, their next step was coming up with a name. Because they aimed to first launch online, they wanted their brand name to reflect something simple, searchable and fun.

“We started to look at all these cute names, and blush is a color and a kind of makeup product, and my mom liked daisy being incorporated into the name,” Emma said.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.36.05 AMI personally love the kid-friendly touches to their lip balm label designs. (The Blush Daisy tag line is “Make Up Made For Kids, By Kids” after all.) Each lip balm is named after an instant message acronym. Emma said her favorite is “BTW” (by the way), which is coconut-milk-and-peaches flavored. And Julia’s favorite? “TTYL” (talk to you later),  a berry-flavored lip balm, because it “smells like gummy bears.”

Julia explained the reasoning behind their decision to brand their lip balms with text messages: “Lately, everyone my age has phones where I live and we are always texting and using kid slang, so I thought that would be really adorable,” she said. “We wanted it [the brand] to be something original, kid-friendly and cute.”

I also appreciate Blush Daisy’s focus on natural ingredients with emollients and antioxidants, which Emma and Julia break down for their consumers as “purifiers” and ingredients that “rid your body of toxins.” And what’s more, a portion of all proceeds go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation started by a 4-Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.37.46 AMyear-old cancer patient and entrepreneur who later passed away. Lip balms that are good for you and help a good cause? That’s nothing to LOL (laugh out loud) about. How cool is that?

Emma and Julia are currently rolling out their lip balms (haha, get it!) on and at farmers markets in and around Charlottesville, Virginia. They hope to expand to other regions and dream of being on the ABC show “Shark Tank,” Emma said. TTYL!

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