Amanda’s Corner: Eight Things I Wish I’d Known Before College

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amanda's corner

Now that it’s time for many of you Like a Boss go-getters to begin college for the first time, my heart goes out to you. I am thrilled for your new adventures to come and your readiness to learn and explore—even the scary parts of college, like living on your own, having a roommate and finding your way around campus (all of which can actually be pretty awesome). Now that I’m getting a little nostalgic for my own college experience, I’ve come up with a list of eight things I would have told my college self. Take them with you on your college journey:

1. Know that you will meet a lot of new people. Some will be there to hang out with, and you think they will be your best friends. But look around, and you just might find your “forever” friends.

2. Be prepared for staying up well past your bedtime at least once with writer’s block. You’ll pace, and you’ll browse Buzzfeed for “inspiration,” and nothing will come. Until you least expect it—probably the next day when you are walking in between classes. And then you’ll start writing like your pen (err, laptop?) is on fire. Patience really is a virtue.

3. For many college students, having a roommate is a brand new experience. For me and my freshman year roommate—who, for the record, is still to this day one of my best friends—setting boundaries and having open communication is key to a successful roomie relationship.

4. If you don’t know what you want to major in when you first step on campus, that’s totally okay. If you do, that’s okay, too! But you might be surprised by how a cool class can veer you onto a new track.

5. If you get the opportunity to study abroad, go for it! I studied at the University of Edinburgh and got to travel to Geneva, Paris, London and all throughout Scotland.

6. When you feel like you are in a rut—homesick, stressed or feeling like you just don’t have the time of day to squeeze in one more project deadline—turn to your support system: your friends, your roommate, your mentor, your dean, whomever. Or just get more sleep. Seriously. That’s a big help.

7. Document your college journey with pictures. You will be thankful for it later!

8. Graduation comes WAY too quickly. I cannot believe I just graduated in May! Uh, I thought I just went through freshman orientation week? What’s this piece of paper in my hand? All jokes aside, go out there and learn all you can about academics and, really, life. (Gosh, I feel like the big sis waving bye on her sibs’ first day of school!) But really, you will grow into yourself in college. Go for it!

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