Amanda’s Corner: Why I Chose a Women’s College

Women's College
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amanda's cornerNow that spring is here, many of you might be making a list of what colleges you are interested in attending after you graduate from high school. And I’m wondering something:

Have you thought of a women’s college?

Now that spring is here, I’m thinking about the fact that I graduated from college almost a year ago. I can’t believe it! I loved learning at a women’s college and wouldn’t trade my time there for the world.

Ugh. So many girls in the same vicinity. There had to be drama.

Not really. No more than any other college, I imagine. I lived in a tight-knit community and enjoyed getting to know my intelligent, awesome peers. My college was also a safe space where people of different races, sexualities, class backgrounds and gender identities came together and supported each other.

But what about the guys? Wasn’t it weird not being around the opposite sex in college?

It’s not like I didn’t see guys around. My college is part of a consortium with a few other co-ed colleges in the area that encouraged students to take classes and participate in extracurriculars beyond your college. So there were definitely guys in my Social Theory class, or in my creative writing class, or on the newspaper with me. Plus there were male profs, and I lived 20 minutes from Philadelphia, so it wasn’t like we were in isolation.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.30.32 PMSo why did you want to attend a women’s college?

Women in leadership, hands down. Pretty much every student leadership position at my school was held by a female. That’s so admirable and further inspired me to step up as a leader on campus.

But what about the real world? You have to get back into the real world after college. That must be hard.

To me, my women’s college was the real world. And it has led me to pursue the many opportunities I have had since graduation. If you are weighing your college options, I hope you at least consider a women’s college as an option! A women’s college isn’t right for everyone, but it was absolutely right for me.

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