Amanda’s Corner: 5 Reasons Why I Heart Social Media

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amanda's cornerHappy Valentine’s Day, Like a Boss go-getters! With “Social Media” being this month’s theme, what better time to talk about why I “heart” social media? Here are my five reasons. On social, you can:

1. Engage in Conversations: Gone are the days of using snail mail to express your love of a particular brand or send fan mail to a celebrity (and then receive either nothing in return or a “Dear John” letter drafted by an admin). On social media, you can actually be heard by engaging in meaningful conversations with individuals, brands and organizations. Refreshing, right? In social media land, walls are broken down—it’s so empowering! Here’s an example from my own experience: This week, Levo League, a community designed to elevate women in the workforce, raised $7 million in funding. I regularly read articles on Levo League and participate in their Office Hours, so I sent a tweet of congratulations to the two founders, Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot…and got a response (plus a “favorite” from Ms. Ghosn)!

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2. Learn Something New: Social media contains a constant stream of information. Whether it’s breaking news, fun facts or someone new to follow, social media is a constellation of exciting things going through your orbit. My social streams always lead me to new opportunities and companies that I have never heard of before but absolutely want to get to know.

3. Tell a Story: I’m a huge storyteller. Social media gives you the opportunity to tell stories in a variety of ways, from 140 characters or less on Twitter to a visual affair on Instagram. Swoon.

4. Become a thought leader or activist: Social media channels are platforms for a reason—they give anyone the opportunity to express their opinions, thoughts and expertise or advocate for change. (15-year-old Becca Gorman’s mission to redefine “gay” comes to mind.) I am always inspired by those whom I follow on Twitter and personally enjoy sharing my thoughts on entrepreneurship, innovation and women and girls doing awesome things. (Follow me on Twitter! @msamandakennedy)

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.02.41 AM5. Have fun: Okay, so it is pretty easy to get sucked into social media. But I love how it enables you to keep in touch (my twin brother and I often talk via Facebook chat), discover and share information, fun GIFs and even recipes with those around you. (My mom posts all kinds of recipes involving Nutella on my Facebook wall, aka I am perpetually hungry and want to bake all the time.)

Basically, social media—you rock. I heart you!

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