Akilah’s Blogging 101 Vlog: Your Blog Identity

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Loving our “Blogging 101” series? Lucky you: Akilah’s back with another awesome blog tip! In this installment, she gives you helpful tips and tricks on figuring out exactly what your blog is about. (After all, a case of mistaken identity is one blogging sin you don’t want to commit!) Whether you’re showcasing your handmade products or dishing on your awesome dinner, you’ll want to send a clear message to your audience—and Akilah’s got the goods on how to do just that.

PS. Your tagline can also help you shout out what your blog’s about! For instance, on Akilah’s blog, hers is: “Big Personality. Even Bigger Hair.” Just by reading that, you know her blog is fun, silly and witty—just like her!

Watch Akilah’s latest “Blog Tip” below:

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