A.L.L.Y. Award Winners Demonstrate Young Leadership At Its Best!

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Kling Street Kids’ co-founder Cady Stark

Today is the International Year of Youth Culmination Celebration at the UN Headquarters in New York City, and “tweenage” social networking site AllyKatzz is powering the show!

As part of the big Summit, AllyKatzz is honoring young girls who are making a big difference in the world. The winners of these A.L.L.Y. Awards were just announced, and their collective accomplishments is beyond inspiring. Here’s a look at who is getting some recognition at the UN today:

  • Olivia Bouler, age 12: An activist who raised funds to help birds in the wake of the Gulf oil spill.
  • Itzel Delgado, age 16: Teen advisor for Girl Up who mobilizes girls around the world reach their full potential.
  • Leora Friedman, age 18: Co-founder of Music is Medicine, a youth-run nonprofit organization that uses music to uplift pediatric patients and fundraise for medical charities.
  • Tanvi Girotra, age 20: Founder of the Becoming I Foundation, an internationally recognized youth-led organization that aims to create a platform for young people to “be the change they want to see in the world.”
  • Neha Gupta, age 15: Works towards universal education through her nonprofit Empower Orphans.
  • Avery Hale, age 16: Collects and distributes new and gently used shoes to impoverished communities around the world through her organization, Step by Step.
  • Morgan Jankowski, age 10: Started Fighting for a Cause website to raise awareness of foundations that support people in need and each month lists a project that helps others.
  • Nicole Javanna Johnson, age 18: Founder and creative director of Javanna Productions, which raises funds and awareness for both domestic and international causes.
  • Anum Khan, age 22: A Fullbright Student beginning research on women’s rights organizations in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Victoria Ogundipe, age 15: Founder of Africa & Us, an organization geared towards informing the global community of the major issues in different African countries.
  • Rachel Shuster, age 14: Founder of a Kids Care Club who organizes community service projects ranging from packing food at a local food pantry to preparing meals and participating in fundraising events.
  • Cady Stark, age 15: Co-founded the Kling Street Kids charity to help reduce child mortality rates.
  • Janet Tso, age 20: Founder of 2 anti-slavery organizations, Student Abolitionists Stopping Slavery (S.A.S.S.), a high school chapter, and Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking (CoAST), a college chapter.
  • Allison Wu, age 17: Works with Minga, a youth-run 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to combat the child sex trade.

Thanks to AllyKatzz for bringing our awareness to these inspiring girls, and congrats to all the winners!

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