A+ Efforts: Organizations that Create Educational Opportunities

Organizations that Create Educational Opportunities
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Of all the things that occupy the life of a child or teen, school has to be at the top of the list, right? From grades to teachers to friends to maybe even applying for college, it can become an everyday part of life that is easy to take for granted. Yet for way too many kids and teens, school remains either a luxury or a source of stress for which they feel ill-prepared. Thank goodness there are so many incredible organizations out there working to make quality education a reality for more kids! In honor of the countless nonprofits dedicated to learning, we offer a round-up of a few faves. Be sure to check out the links to learn more:

Opportunity Education Foundation: This globally active organization’s mission is simple and vital: make education accessible for children in developing countries, so they can improve their overall quality of life. They’ve helped ensure that more than 800,000 children in Africa and Asia have quality educations, helped by the likes of Kelly Clarkson, who recently gave a benefit concert for the organization in Dallas.

Wings for Kids: Thriving in school is about more than just making the grades. Wings for Kids teaches children how to build healthy relationships and adapt socially through their after-school programs. Plus, they provide a safe, positive environment for kids during those after-school hours when parents may still be working.

Girls, Inc.: It can be tough out there for a girl! That’s why Girls Inc. works to inspire girls ages 6-18 to be strong, smart and bold. In a positive all-girl environment, mentors teach girls about the importance of leading active lives and dealing with negative media messages. They even encourage girls to manage money and develop an interest in science, technology, engineering and math. (Talk about girl power.)

College Summit: A college education is often a must in today’s job market, but for far too many high school students, college is an impossibility. College Summit aims to change that—making sure a college degree is attainable for as many high school students as possible. They partner with 180 high schools from low-income areas across the country to raise the rate of college-bound students.

Jumpstart: Kindergarten may feel like it was forever ago, but it’s a critical educational step—and many children out there just aren’t prepared. Jumpstart is a national early education organization working with very young children to close the education gap in our country. Focused on preschoolers in low-income areas, they give kids the language skills they need to be kindergarten-ready.

Check out Jumpstart in action!

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