8 Great Books for Creative Teens

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Because we’re celebrating creativity this month, we decided to share a few of our favorite creative books rather than just highlight one. Whether you’re an artist, screenwriter, or fashion maven, these books have you covered:

Design Your Own Tees: Techniques and Inspiration to Stitch, Stamp, Stencil, and Silkscreen Your Very Own T-Shirts by Jennifer Cooke: 20 do-it-yourself projects for turning your classic tees (and accessories) into colorful, bold, graphic personal statements. Combining basic sewing, hand-printing, and screen-printing techniques with stylish wearable projects, this book gives you the tools to stand out in the crowd

Doodles Unleashed: Mixed Media Techniques for Doodling, Mark-Making and Lettering by Traci Bautista: This book teaches you how to use doodling as a meditative exercise, a raw form of expression and a vehicle for telling your personal story. Work with an arsenal of creative tools, from markers, pencils and pens to stamps, stencils, inks and paints, to find unique, intuitive ways to make your mark.

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano & Auxy Espinoza: This book is packed with ideas for sprucing up your living space; concocting fabulous, all-natural body products; designing your own unique stationery; and creating countless other crafts that will convince your friends and loved ones that you’re the secret love child of Martha Stewart (only much, much cooler).

Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts by Troy Lanier and Clay Nichols: Everything young filmmakers need to know about producing film shorts that can cause a buzz on YouTube and beyond.

Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing by Erika Stalder: Filled with tons of intriguing factoids about designers and celebrities, and more than 300 illustrations, Fashion 101 offers the total scoop on underwear, outerwear, accessories, and everything in between. With this crash course, you’ll learn not only how to put together smarter looks, but also how to become a fashion expert in the process.

Screenwriting for Teens: The 100 Principles of Screenwriting Every Budding Writer Must Know by Christina Hamlett: This workshop-in-a-book introduces screenwriting concepts including plot, pacing, character development, introductions to various genres, and more, and walks you through writing your first short screenplay.

The Creative Journal for Teens: Making Friends With Yourself by Lucia Capaccione: This journal is a creative, inspiring and powerful instrument for personal growth. You can use the techniques in this practical guide to get to know yourself, to solve everyday problems, and to make your dreams come true.

A Teen Guide to Delightful, Creative Dinners by Dana Meachen Rau: Cooking is more fun with others, so invite some friends and call it a party. From salads to sundaes, from garlic bread to gingerbread, this book shows you how to combine food and friends for a fun and festive meal.

We know we’re just scratching the surface here. So we want to hear from you: What books would you add to this list? 

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