6 Ways to Give Back to your Community

Community Volunteers
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How has your community affected your life? In a positive way? If so, you may want to give back, and do something to contribute to the community that’s been a part of your life.

Sound like a plan? Excellent. We’ve got six ideas here for how you can do it:

1.  Give your time. We focus on volunteering a lot here at Like a Boss, and for good reason. This really is a great (and cost-free) way to give back to your community. You can always volunteer at a nonprofit organization, or how about contributing to something that benefited you? This could mean helping coach a kids’ sports team, teaching Sunday school at your Church, or helping out a local park or recreation center.

2.  Support community events. The next time you’re looking for a way to spend your weekend, why not check out what’s going on locally? Your town’s webpage should have information about events in your area. Find a food festival, some live music, a farmer’s market, or maybe a local pumpkin patch or harvest festival. The money you spend will go back to your community and local vendors, and just being there will show your support.

3.  Donate. Brainstorm a list of schools, Churches, shelters, or community centers that could use some of your gently used possessions that you no longer want to keep. See our article on how to donate.

4.  Shop local! Local businesses would love your support. It may not always be feasible, but if possible, look to the local retailers to meet some of your needs. That way, you support your local business-owners and economy.

5.  Help keep your neighborhood clean. Is there a neighborhood park nearby your home? Help keep your neighborhood looking great by grabbing a trash bag and some sturdy gloves and picking up trash. Taking pride in your community is a great way to give back. You can do this any time.

6.  Get political!  If you’re already 18 years old, this obviously means you can vote—and you should! The race for President is exciting of course, but become informed about the political races in your immediate community, too. If you’re not 18 yet, you can still be involved. Write a letter to your legislator to encourage positive changes in your community.

What are some other ways to give back to your community? Is there something you do to give back, and how does it make you feel?

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