6 Ways to Get People Excited About Your Cause

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What’s the difference between social movements that gain a ton of momentum and those that stay small and stagnant? Chances are, the causes that grow and blossom did so because they found a way to get people excited about their cause.

So what’s the key to making sure people not only know about your cause, but that they become passionate champions who will lend their energy to helping it grow?

Here are 6 ways you can get people excited about your social cause:

1.  Let Your Passion and Energy Shine Through: Think of the great motivational speakers of all time. Sure…they get people excited because of what they are saying, but what sparks a following is their energy and the way they passionately share. When you let your personal enthusiasm and passion shine through every time you talk about your cause, people can’t help but feel compelled to join in.

2.  Tap Into Their Emotional Connection: While it’s great to give people facts and data about why your cause is so important, when it comes to inspiring action, start by tapping into their emotions. For a social cause campaign to be successful, it has to make people feel strongly enough that they’ll be driven to get involved.

3.  Use Stories: Related to tapping into their emotional connection is the idea of using stories to share information and insight about your cause. By conveying the facts through a real story about real people or animals or circumstances that others can follow, understand, and care about, you’re automatically giving them more reason to be invested in the cause at the heart of the story.

4.  Be Specific About What They Can Do and the Impact They Can Have: To get people excited about your movement, you’ll want to make sure they feel as if they are capable of contributing or having a positive impact (who doesn’t love feeling like they can make a difference?). Let people know exactly how they can get involved and what kind of impact they’ll be able to make.

5. Let Them Know They’re Part of Something Big: If your cause has a lot of support, share this information with people you want to motivate to join you. There’s power in numbers and when movements gain strength many people want to join in so they too can be part of something big. They’ll also be more likely to feel confident that the movement will be successful, which will result in even more excitement.

6. Appreciate Them: People like being thanked for their commitment to a cause and their selfless donation of time and energy in promoting it. Once you have people excited, be sure not to drop them and move on to what’s next. Let contributors know how much you value them and what a difference they made in your movement’s success.

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