5 Tips for Tapping Into Celebrity Power

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When it comes to building momentum for a social cause, one of the most effective ways to get some serious attention focused on a movement is to get a celebrity to endorse it.

When a celebrity speaks out against something, people listen. Even one little timely tweet from an A-list celebrity about your cause can suddenly attract press coverage, which equals more supporters which equals more donors.

But is it possible to tap into the power of a celebrity to raise the profile of your cause, especially if you don’t have any personal connections to pave the way?

Absolutely. It just takes a little leg work and the right approach. But don’t worry…we’re here to show you how to go about it:

1. Get really clear on who your ideal celebrity would be for endorsing your movement by researching which celebrities are involved in which causes and making a list of your dream celebs. Be aware that the more high-profile a celebrity, the less accessible he or she is (Angelina and Brad might be otherwise engaged…).

2. Think creatively about how you might approach a celebrity. The typical way to reach out is by submitting a formal request through a celebrity’s publicist, but you could also try going outside the box by using social media to publicly get someone’s attention. Obviously, some celebrities are going to be more receptive than others, but a smartly written YouTube appeal or a Twitter campaign is one way to get on a celebrity’s radar.

3. Know what you’re asking for before you approach a celebrity. Whether you want them to share a tweet, photograph themselves wearing your fundraising t-shirt, or play a much larger, more visible role, craft a “pitch” in writing so there is no misunderstanding about how you’re hoping the celebrity will support your cause.

4. When you reach out to a celebrity, don’t forget to mention why you’re approaching them. As you can imagine, celebrities get approached by hundreds and hundreds of organizations each year, all who are hoping for the celebrity’s endorsement of their specific cause. Make sure the celebs you approach know exactly why you think they would want to support your cause by making the appeal personal and authentic.

5. When and if you do get a celebrity engaged in your cause, be super professional and responsive in all your communication with them to let them know how much you appreciate their taking the time to support what you’re up to!

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