Northern CA Girl? Check out Marin Teen Girl Conference!

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On March 3, 2012, girls can attend an amazing event in San Rafael, California: The second annual Marin Teen Girl Conference. The conference first launched in 2011 after a Marin County study targeted the need for teenage girls to come together to share their experiences and explore their challenges.

“Our hope is to bring together a bunch of girls from the community to talk about things they might not necessarily be able to talk about outside this safe environment,” explained Paris Gravley of Redwood High School, one of the event’s 25 team ambassadors after last year’s conference.

At this year’s event, girls will hear from inspiring speakers such as Lateefah Simon, a Bay Area civil rights leader and advocate for young women and MacArthur “Genius” Award winner. They’ll also have the opportunity to attend sessions on a variety of topics including how to deal with stress and how to handle money.

What we love about this idea is it brings girls together to share their stories and find solutions themselves; it also connects girls with mentors in their community who can help them see the bigger picture and find resources that they might need. Cheers to the Marin Women’s Commission and the 250 teen girls attending the conference for creating an amazing model of support and activism!

If you were creating a teen girl conference, what topics would you put on the agenda?

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