13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Maddie Robinson Pairs Art and Fashion

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Where does the inspiration come from to invent a new product? Sometimes it just comes from following your passion, like 13-year-old Maddie Robinson. Maddie says she’s always loved to draw, and when she was just 8-years-old, she started creating art in the outline of a flip flop. Now, 5 years later, Fish Flops have hit the market.

“I’ve always been a flip flop kind of kid. In 2006, I had the idea to create a brand of flip flops that would combine my love for swimming, fishing, and drawing. I called them FishFlops®. I shared my idea with many of my friends and family and they all smiled and thought I had something special,” says Maddie.

Maddie’s arty footwear is now available in 32 stores throughout Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, and even the Cayman Islands. And a visit to Maddie’s website shows that she’s expanding her empire, by offering Fish Flops apparel, books, and a soon-to-come virtual world.

Find out more at the official Fish Flops website!

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