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Ladies with a strong first-person POV and experience + advice to share!




  • write about a celeb, business woman, or public figure who totally inspires you
  • write about what you learned before and after launching your own business/brand
  • create a detailed how-to (How I Craft the Perfect Pinterest Image; How I Decided on a Business Name; How I Built a Shopify Store in Less Than a Week, etc.)
  • Share your workplace advice


  • write a travel guide for a place you’ve visited (things to bring, sites, food, hotel, budget, etc)
  • write a travel itinerary for place you haven’t yet visited, but are so totally manifesting right now by writing this 😉
  • write about a place that changed your perspective


  • write about how you have stayed debt-free or got out of debt
  • write about what you wish you had known / or what you learned before making a big financial decision
  • write about how you reached a money milestone (bought your first car, leased your first place, etc.)


  • tell us how you’re taking charge of your life and making things happen for yourself
  • write about an area of your life that you are #crushing or improving (career/business-running, wellness, friendships, giving back, etc) and what you’ve been doing to make it awesome
  • tell us about an obstacle or challenges that have made you a better person and/or entrepreneur
  • give a shout out to someone or something that gets you motivated (friend, business woman, your mom, author, book, company, etc)


Here’s some inspiration to get your gears turnin’…






1. Original content.

We feature original, exclusive, engaging content that will inspire our readers to take action in their own lives. Please note that by submitting your story, you are granting LABG sole publishing rights. Please be comfortable with this 1-publisher rule before you submit.

2. Word count: 500–1200 words.

We are looking for thoughtful and entertaining stories that will resonate with and inspire our readers. Please include the word count at the top of your submission form.

3. Unique tone.

We want you to write in your own voice but are looking for a positive, uplifting and inspiring tone. Likeabossgirls.com is informational and inspirational. We help our readers follow their heart to the life of their dreams and to take action to achieve their goals.

4. Please use our prompts to launch into your story/essay.

5. Sales pitch-free zone.

We do not accept links to a sales page or paid product. Links we do accept include personal blogs, free ebooks and webinars, and basically any valuable content which will enrich our boss girls’ lives.

6. Edit before sending!

We have a small team and do not have the ability to check your spelling or edit your grammar. Our advice is to have someone else read your piece to sanity check your grammar and spelling BEFORE you send. If your article is well written and engaging, there is a higher chance of it getting published. So, channel your fav teacher or professor who was a stickler for proofing and make sure you proof read before you press the send button.

7. Tell us about yourself

Please include a 2-3 sentence bio with a photo. You can include one link, only, to your website, blog, or social media platform.

8. A few helpful tips for your submission

  • Keep to the requested word count (500-1200 words)
  • Please keep it classy (like PG-13 classy)
  • Keep your sentences short and punchy. Be focused, direct and concise.
  • Make sure to cite sources or resources if you use them.
  • Numbers: Please spell out numbers 1–9 (i.e. “one,” “two,” etc.) — numbers 10 and above are to be shown numerically (i.e. “12,” “100,” etc.)
  • Once your post is published on likeabossgirls.com, share it with your friends, family, and network!
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