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volunteer clubs we love like a boss girls
Chew on this: 55 percent of youth ages 12-18 participate in volunteer activities. (That’s nearly twice the volunteering rate of adults!) All of that volunteering adds up to more than 1.3 billion hours of community service every year, and there are plenty of awesome high school clubs leading the charge. The students in these five stellar high school volunteer organizations know just what we’re talking about. Read on, feel inspired and consider joining—or starting—a club of your own.

Berkley Volunteer Service Club, Berkley High School (Berkley, Michigan)
In 2011, two enterprising sophomores thought there weren’t enough volunteer opportunities in their community—so, naturally, they created them! Emily Cohn and Rachel Krasnick started the Berkley Volunteer Service Club and quickly filled their calendar with activities ranging from planting trees in Detroit to putting together food packages for a local food bank. And now? There’s no shortage of volunteer options for this busy volunteer club.

Everybody Loves Everybody Club, Concord High School (Concord, New Hampshire)
High school student Maria Wilkinson didn’t like the anonymous online bullying she witnessed at her school, so she decided to do something about it by starting the “Everybody Loves Everybody” club. (The name says it all, no?) Once the club was established, Maria and her fellow club members created dialogue, educated their classmates, encouraged students to sign an anti-bullying pledge and sold bracelets to support their cause. We bet there’s a little more love at Concord High these days.

Community Service Club, Lenape High School (Medford, New Jersey)
Cancer patients in the Northeast will feel a little cozier, thanks to the community service club of Lenape High. This industrious club jumped on board with an existing project to make blankets for cancer patients and knocked out 13 blankets in one afternoon session. Their efforts earned them a $1,000 grant and the opportunity to make even more blankets. Warm fuzzies, indeed!

Gladstone Electric Vehicle Organization (GEVO), Gladstone High School (Gladstone, Oregon)
It’s one thing to care about the environment. It’s a step up to recycle. To build an electric car? Uh, color us impressed. Under the guidance of a very passionate teacher, the students in the GEVO club are converting a 1986 Chevy into a truck run completely on electricity. While the truck is the short-term goal, the long-term goal is to help their community see the possibilities in electric vehicles. See some video here.

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Anne Lapour