About Like a Boss Girls and the Like a Boss Girls Writers

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Like a Boss Girls is a digital space for and about millennial women, with an eye toward inspiring them to make a living, make a difference, and make it BIG!

Most media outlets usually translate and convey all that energy as an endless whirl of shopping, partying, Kardashian-ing, Girls Gone Wild-ing, all beaches and bitches.

Some would have you believe young women are only interested in their credit cards, but we know what women really want: to know how to take charge of their lives.

Today’s women are optimistic, hopeful, and rarin’ to help out, start their own businesses, and take on the world.

We’re about making good and doing good.

The Bossery–a.k.a. our team–includes seasoned writers experienced in talking to women for major media & teen brands, as well as young business women themselves.


Marla Isackson, Founder & President

Marla Isackson is Like a Boss Girls’ Boss and Founder. A longtime passionate supporter of girls’ initiatives that help and inspire them to take the initiative, Marla is a marketing executive with over 25 years’ experience creating innovative marketing campaigns for world-famous brands including American Express, Barnes & Noble, and WebMD.

A mother of two and an entrepreneur herself, Marla created Like a Boss Girls because she believes that young women have the strength, determination and talents to play a bigger game, make a big difference in the world, and “make it big” by achieve real greatness in their lives.

Marla believes that “real happiness is all about following your heart and having the courage and will to be true to yourself.” She wants Like a Boss Girls to give teen girls the tools, resources and inspiration they need to help them “find their voice and their power so that they can get what they want out of life.”

Marla wants to hear from you! Email her at Marla@likeabossgirls.com and follow her on Twitter @marlaLABG.


demarco for like a boss girlsMarianne DeMarco has gone by the moniker “M” for longer than she can remember.  Having given presentations on everything from “The History of Sexual Manual Authorship” to “Why the Warthog Should Be America’s National Symbol” she considers herself to be a champion of the arcane and unusual.   She is the creator of Signs from New York, a Tumblr devoted to showcasing the artistic and mostly bizarre world of flyering in New York, and is the Chairperson of the pit bull rescue Sav-a-Bull. She plays accordion badly, but her stick figures are legendary.

M currently lives in Manhattan with a timid pit bull, a vicious cat, and a giant rabbit.


dixieDixie Laite is currently Senior Editorial Director for TeenNick (home of Degrassi!) She is also a freelance writer, speaker and digital content strategist, and at one time or another has been a bodybuilder trainer, a mechanical bull operator, a bad waitress, and a great a second grade teacher. She has worked for Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Big Bird, and appeared on-air as “TV’s Dixie” on Oxygen’s daily 90-minute live show, Pure Oxygen. She was also Editorial Director at Nickelodeon’s Noggin where she created and wrote songs for the channel’s animated hosts, Moose A. Moose and Zee

Dixie lives in New York City with her long-suffering husband, 2 spoiled dogs, 4 noisy parrots, and a stuffed two-head duckling named Bobsy. She thinks girls are awesome. (And pie. Pie is awesome, too.) She is a classic film know-it-all, a slobbery animal lover, and blogs at the Lost Art of Being a Dame. She’d love for you to follow her on Twitter @DameStyle.


kadishaKadisha Phillips Like a Boss Girls’ Photo Editor, Kadisha is a recent graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. A content creator by day and world traveller by night, Kadisha loves all things TV, digital content and wanderlust related. When Kadisha isn’t ignoring her responsibilities to plan her next international escape, she can be found volunteering with youth or planning her next major move. Follow Kadisha on Twitter and Instagram: @thekadyfiles!

dalen webmaster for like a boss girlsJessica Dalen is Like A Boss Girls’ Webmaster. As a toddler, her first sentence was recorded as “Me do by self”. Rather foretelling, as she’s now known for her positive “can do” attitude. Jessica owns and operates a web design and development business.

When she is not busy wrangling her young family and cat, “her furbaby”, Jessica is a self-proclaimed sugar and thrill junkie. You can spot her holding up Slushie machines year-round (hardcore when you live in Canada), tearing up the trails on her quad or bike, or plotting competitive games for reality TV shows. Okay, so she hasn’t been hired by any networks or shows for these far-fetched game ideas, but every girl should dream big! Follow her on Twitter @dalendesign


lisa beebe writer for like a boss girlsLisa Beebe lives in Los Angeles, where she sometimes talks to the ocean. She blogged and wrote personality quizzes for The-N.com and TeenNick.com for many years, and she has also written for CosmoGirl.com, WeTV, Discovery Girls, and BYOU Magazine. Lisa writes lots of short stories and is working on her first YA novel. Her favorite nonprofit is WriteGirl, an organization that matches women writers with teenage girls for creative writing mentoring. Lisa loves synchronized swimming, making paintings of robots, and spending time with Stitch, her one-eyed Maltese. Follow her on Twitter @lisa_beebe and Instagram @lisa__beebe.


lucy ross like a boss girlsLucy Ross is Like a Boss Girls’ mascot and resident vlogger. She went to NYU for Film & TV and had the entrepreneur’s spirit since being a tot when she contracted chores out to her older sister for a profit. Lucy owns and runs two businesses full-time: Bossy Rossy Productions (a media production business), and Hello Lucy Design (a web management and design biz). As a full-of-energy go-getter, her motto is “Why the heck not?”. This mid-western girl has worked for the BBC in London, Nickelodeon, Celebrity Apprentice, and Jazz Aspen Snowmass. One of her proudest accomplishments was serving as Co-Director for three consecutive years for the Fusion Film Festival of NYU, celebrating women in film, TV, and new media. {Tweet or Insta @TheBossyRossy}


erika stalderErika Stalder is a journalist and author who has written five nonfiction books for teens, including The Look Book: 50 Iconic Beauties and How To Achieve Their Signature Styles and Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing. She is the creator of PSTOL.com, a great website for girls who want to build empires and aren’t afraid to break a few nails along the way. Erika has written for Refinery29, Style.com, Time Out LA, Wired, Gizmodo and others. Follow her on Twitter at @erikastalder.